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Battles and Bulletins

First off my friends, I want to deeply apologize to you all for taking so long to give you an update on what has been/is going on with me, life, and the music, but I am here now, so buckle up....

Before that though, I need to say a HUGE THANK YOU, to my great friend Matt, a.k.a. SULLY. What a amazing, and awesome job he did on the redesign of the website. All I can say Matt, is I LOVE IT, and so do many others that have seen the site!! Thanks again brother!!!

Well... it has definetly been a struggle over the past few months, I am glad to say, I am still here, and still kicking. I have been battling some major issues with my back, but I finally know what is wrong with it, and am hoping to have it "fixed" sometime in the near future. Am also fighting with some cardiac problems, but am working on that, making some changes, and doing all that I can to get that under control.

As far as the music goes, I am very proud to say that I am working with Vic Holdroyd, Denise Labrie, and the other writers at Creole Poet records, on putting together the next full album!! Creole Poet Records are responsible for several hits off the "Long Road Traveled" CD. Songs such as "Party Down In Redneck Town", "Little Miss Dynamite", "Gonna Be There Soon", and "He Was A Rock & Roll Kid", just to name a few. We already have several great songs lined up already, and digging in to find the last few!! I will keep you all updated on the process of things, and am shooting for a release date around christmas time, so you can add it to your list of things ya want!! LOL Talk to you all soon, and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

JT Hollis

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