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The Man... the myth... the leg... 'er story...

A long time ago in a galaxy... wait that's not right. Once upon a time... hmmm yeah that's not right either. Alright how about this, Why don't we skip the childhood and go right to the juicy stuff. 

Like a lot of artists, JT started singing back in school and church. He loved the feeling of performing and being on stage. In 1987 he joined and served in the US Army for 8 years. His time in the military included serving on the front lines during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, with the 3rd Inf. Div.

During his time in Germany (87-91), other soldiers in his unit found out he could sing. Next thing he knew, he was the lead singer of a unit rock band. Unfortunately the band was disbanded with the closing of his unit after the war. JT put music on the back burner and concentrated on raising his own family.


Around 2007, the fire and passion of singing/songwriting returned with a vengence, and JT was back at it again. Since then, he has achieved several milestones. He is a 2 time Regional Finalist for the Colgate Country Showdown, Regional Finalist for the National Bowling Karaoke Challenge. His first song "Me and You, And the Red, White and Blue" reached #2 on the Independent Music Network Country Charts, as well as won the Michigan Vet Fest Theme Song Contest. "Me and You, and the Red, White and Blue" also had the honor of

opening the festival in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, as well as the opening act for the Peru AMVETS Open House in Peru, Indiana. "Keep Pushing On", a memorial song for his nephew, reached #4 on Independent Music Network Charts, and also helped JT to win the “Clays Country Music 2013 Songwriter of the Year” award.

In 2009, JT hooked up with his good friend and guitarist Scott Hatton. The musical magic exploded from the two almost immediately. They Collaborated on "Sometimes It Takes Patience", "You Ain't Gotta Be Young (To Make It In Nashville)", I'm Alright Now", "Get Me Through This Life", and "The Road Ahead". "The Road Ahead" soared up to #17 on the Independent Music Network Charts throughout its run.


In 2014, JT released his first full length cd called “Long Road Traveled”. The album was made in honor of the time and path traveled to get the cd done. Since then, songs such as “Outlaws”, “Country Boy Saturday Night”, “Little Miss Dynamite”, and “Party Down in Redneck Town” have found recognition and regular play on multiple radio stations. These songs have also charted on multiple charts over the years. “Party Down in Redneck Town” hit #2 on the International Mainstream Country Music Charts. During that time, JT was ranked #12 out of 200 top performers on the same chart (See Achievements Page) <<Under Construction>>

Currently, JT continues to pursue his dream and entertain as many people as he can through his words and his voice.

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